New Patient Visit

As a new patient, your first visit to be one hour and 20 minutes in length. During this visit, Dr. Mauss will take a thorough history of your current medical problem, your medical history and review any previous labs or radiology reports that are available. A standard physical exam and an osteopathic structural exam will be preformed. If further imaging studies or labs are needed, these will be discussed. Based on the history and exam findings, he will then recommend an integrative medicine and/or osteopathic manipulative treatment plan. For osteopathic manipulation, the first treatment typically takes longer than follow-up treatments as the body will have more areas of restricted motion to work with than on subsequent visits. Functional medicine testing is frequently utilized which may or may not be covered by an individuals insurance. 

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits are scheduled for 40 minutes. They can be either an osteopathic manipulative treatment visit or a medical visit. The number and frequency of follow-up visits will be determined by the patients' condition and response to treatment. 

Dr. Mauss's role in your healthcare team

Although Dr. Mauss is a board-certified family physician, his practice is primarily focussed on treatment health problems utilizing osteopathic manipulation and integrative medicine techniques. As such, his role in your healthcare team is that of a specialist, like a cardiologist would be. He does not function as a primary care physician (PCP). It is strongly recommended that patients have their own PCP's to will manage their medications and chronic medical issues. In most cases, Dr. Mauss will not be prescribing chronic care medications to his patients and will leave this to the discretion of the patients PCP. Additionally, due to Dr. Mauss not participating with insurance companies, patients will sometimes need their own PCP to order further testing and imaging studies, if indicated.


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office is open from 8:00AM - 5:00PM 


Dr. Mauss does not participate with any insurance companies. Payment for services can be paid with cash, check or credit card at the time of the visit. Payment with a credit card does incur a 3% convenience surcharge. An invoice documenting the office visit and costs will be generated for the patient at each visit. The patient is then responsible to submit the claim for the visit to their insurance company. The patient is also responsible for any further contact with their insurance company regarding reimbursement. 

Insurance companies will typically reimburse the patient's costs to the extent allowed for an out-of-network provider and with consideration to the out-of-network deductibles. It is recommended that patients contact their insurance company, in advance, to inquire about whether their costs will be covered.

Dr Mauss is a non-participating provider with Medicare. This means the patient will pay at time of service and then be reimbursed by Medicare. In this case, our office will be responsible for submitting the claims to Medicare. As with other traditional insurance plans, Medicare HMO's and PPO's claims will still need to be submitted by the patient.  

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