Robert L. Mauss DO

Born and raised in Adams County Pennsylvania, Dr. Mauss's initial desire was to be a high school math teacher. He graduated Shippensburg University in 1992 with a Mathematics BSEd. After a few years of substitute teaching he changed direction towards the medical field. After completing 3 more years of pre-med course work he was accepted to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he graduated in 2003. He completed a Family Medicine residency at Memorial Hospital in York, PA. Wanting to further his skills and knowledge in osteopathic manipulation, he then moved to Bangor Maine to complete a 1 year fellowship in Neuro-musculo-skeletal Medicine. Always having an underlying drive to explore different paths, he began taking courses in Functional Medicine in 2012. 

These included further education in Cardiology, Immunology, Gastroenterology, Hormone therapy and Detoxification. While applying both his osteopathic manipulation skills and his knowledge of Functional Medicine, he began to recognize a virtual epidemic of unrecognized Lyme disease in his patients. This led to further education into diagnosis and management of Lyme disease through ILADS - the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.

         Today Dr. Mauss interweaves conventional medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, Functional Medicine and Lyme Disease management into a very eclectic and successful medical practice. He is board certified in both Osteopathic Family Medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.